ASSIGN Score – prioritising prevention of cardiovascular disease

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The ASSIGN score was developed collaboratively by Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe and Mark Woodward, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Cardiovascular Research, University of Dundee Scotland, working with and through the SIGN group on risk estimation (names listed below, among which Dr Peter Brindle was prominent and became a named co-author of the resulting manuscript) in 2006. It has been further implemented with the assistance of the Scottish Government Health Directorate with Dr Paul MacIntyre, consultant cardiologist adviser acting as the liaison and facilitator in 2006-2008, and others since then.

While Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe and Mark Woodward assert their rights of authorship, the coefficients of the ASSIGN score are in the public domain (Related links and Web References) and it may be used freely by anyone as the ASSIGN score, but not under any other title. However, collaborative or independent modification of the ASSIGN Score for use in other populations with different indices of deprivation is encouraged.

ASSIGN software and website

The original ASSIGN score software was developed by Mark Woodward in Excel using the Scottish Index of Social Deprivation. A website version of this score was developed with commentary by Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe. This was extensively developed in a different software language by Silas Davis of Edinburgh University during 2007-2008 to incorporate a list of Scottish postcodes and the detailed commentary was further extended. The current website was developed further, moving the software to different software by Whitespace.

First combined website prepared by Whitespace launched August 2008. Revised website with amendments and updates July 2012. PC Version of this website (without explanatory text) launched September 2009. Minor revisions to website without affecting score September 2009, June 2010 and July 2012. ASSIGN Version 1.4 to website incorporating SIMD 2012 and updated commentary and some technical improvements, April 2013. Further revision Version 1.5 to include Rheumatoid Arthritis October 2013, with launch of updated Offline (PC) Version 1.5 (No change in basic algorithm however). The current Version 1.5.1 incorporates the updated substitute default mean risk factor values for missing data into the algorithm, in place of those used previously. (See Risk Factors)

Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe retains responsibility and authorship for the detailed commentary on ASSIGN. The material may be used and reproduced freely for medical and educational purposes without permission, with acknowledgement of source, but permission is needed for use in any commercial undertaking.

ASSIGN websites associated with NHS Scotland, SIGN and the University of Dundee may be considered as being endorsed by the ASSIGN authors. For other websites incorporating the ASSIGN score, neither the scoring nor the explanatory text are necessarily endorsed. The algorithm is available in the public domain, but resulting software needs testing for bugs, for which the ASSIGN authors cannot be responsible.

SIGN group on risk estimation

Members of the SIGN risk estimation group who helped to refine the study proposal and analyses were:

Estimate the risk

Estimate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease over ten years using the ASSIGN score, by entering personal details and clicking on calculate.

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