ASSIGN Score – prioritising prevention of cardiovascular disease

Download ASSIGN Score Offline Version 1.5.1 March 2014 incorporating SIMD 2012 and rheumatoid arthritis


This website contains essential explanatory and instructive material on the use of ASSIGN. Offline ASSIGN should only be used in clinical practice by those who have familiarised themselves with the content of the explanatory material and are prepared to consult it when necessary.

ASSIGN is subject to updates. Revised offline versions will become available. You should check the site regularly for any amends.

Latest offline version

Version 1.5.1 is a minor update of Version 1.5 updating the substitute values for missing risk factor data. This results in very minor differences in scoring for subjects with missing data, but none at all for everyone else. It is therefore NOT essential to download Version 1.5.1 if you are already using Download Version 1.5. Provisional scores with missing data remain provisional and should be updated with measured values wherever possible.

To use Assign Score offline follow the instructions below.

PC Users

Click the link "Download Assign Score Offline [.zip 1.3MB]"
Save the zipped file "assignscore-offline-version-1-5-1" to your desktop.
Open the zipped file and drag the folder "assignscore-offline-version-1-5-1" out of it onto the desktop.
Open the unzipped folder.
Right click the assign-score.html file and open in your chosen browser.

Mac Users

Click the link "Download Assign Score Offline [.zip 1.3MB]"
Open your downloads folder and double click the zipped file "assignscore-offline-version-1-5-1"
Double click the assign-score.html to open.
The file can be saved for future use.

Extra instructions are available for Windows users and Mac users.

Download Assign Score Offline [.zip 1.3MB]

Please contact us if you require help with this version of Assign Score

Estimate the risk

Estimate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease over ten years using the ASSIGN score, by entering personal details and clicking on calculate.

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